“A picture is worth 1000 words”, but I have more than 1000 words for each picture in my portfolio. Being part of the story of how each image was created, meeting and collaborating with highly creative and talented teams, and being inspired by and with them, is something I thoroughly enjoy. Modeling has allowed me to transform myself for a split second and capture that moment for eternity.



Capturing and telling a story in video is the most effective and captivating way to communicate a message. I love this art form because, when I’m in front of the camera, I enter a state of flow, in which I am the character I am playing until the director yells ‘cut’. 

​​Some people/companies I've worked with:

Shayne Dax Taylor | Bella ThorneChris Witzke | Mills James | Kevin Crisp

Ephipheo | Bandy Carroll Heillige | Hook Interactive

Thoughtfly Studios| Road Pictures | John Liar Productions | Victoria's Secret