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I currently work as Brand Director with experience managing global teams in different languages and leading campaigns in front, behind the cameras & desktops. My 10+ years of experience in modeling, traveling and marketing have given me the ability to grasp concepts quickly and tell stories in compelling ways while maintaining the brand's voice and tone.      


I am fueled by my passion for understanding the nuances of cross-cultural differences and how messages should be adapted to the different platforms in which the stories are being told. My grandfather’s saying “The one thing that no one can rob from you is your education” has shaped the way I approach life, making me hungry to learn about fields from anthropology to the latest marketing strategies through immersion and trial.   


After graduating from the University of Louisville with a B.A. in Communication with a minor in Anthropology, I decided that it was time for me to pursue a life-long dream of competing in beauty pageants. I shoot for the stars, if miss I will still land on the moon. I am grateful to have been crowned Miss Guatemala Supranational 2013 and Miss Guatemala Globe 2014 and represent the country I grew up in, in two international beauty pageants. These once-in-a-lifetime experiences have taught me that I thrive when I am on stage, in-front of a camera or under high-pressure situations. While still working in-front of the camera, I wanted to diversify and expand my career and explore other fields I am passionate about. I have been able to balance both my professional and my on-camera career since. 

While working on a thriller feature film with Bella Thorne, I was also strategizing to launch 10 new products in the upcoming year, pushing the envelope of the traditional one product launch per year of the company's culture. 


As the experience junkie that I am, I continue looking to expand my knowledge and bank of experiences around the world, so if you are interested in connecting, sharing ideas, collaborating, etc. feel free to reach out to me at



Life is all about learning and experiencing the world we live in to the fullest. 

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