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Ana Rodas

Senior Producer | Marketing Specialist | Multilingual



2023 | Commercial Video

In this production, the objective was to craft a cinematic ad that resonated with emotional depth. The client sought a heartfelt narrative depicting the inspiring journey of a young man who, having received assistance from a compassionate police officer during his childhood, grew up to become a dedicated law enforcement professional. As the producer, I orchestrated this significant project, overseeing a skilled crew of 28 members. My responsibilities encompassed talent casting, securing necessary permits, and ensuring a seamless production process. The result was a compelling and emotionally resonant commercial that not only met but exceeded the client's expectations. This commercial won the company its first 4 Addys: Gold - Branded Internet Commercial Campaign, Gold - Local Television Short Form Video Commercial, People's Choice, and Judge's Choice, showcasing my ability to bring impactful stories to life through meticulous planning and execution.




"Fear is just an illusion. If you want something go get it, fight for it, give it your all, do it right and don’t give up until you achieve it."

- Ana B. Rodas, golfcontentnetwork


I am a passionate and highly creative Video Producer with over 7 years of experience in both agency and in-house marketing communications. I thoroughly enjoy the work that I do, especially the process of bringing ideas to life through production. Collaborating with talented people and crews is a genuine pleasure, and I find immense value in the continuous learning experiences that arise from these collaborations.


My extensive experience includes leading the creative and logistical aspects of photo and video projects, managing multiple teams and crews across different countries and languages. I excel at spearheading productions from inception to completion, ensuring on-time delivery within budget constraints, and achieving established goals while actively incorporating feedback from stakeholders. As a detail-oriented leader, I have a proven track record of motivating teams through exceptional written and verbal communication, fostering effective collaboration.


Adept at handling multiple productions of all scales, I thrive in fast-paced environments, whether with or without in-person supervision, anywhere in the world. Beyond my production management skills, I bring creative direction expertise, excelling in storyboarding, call sheets, shoot day scheduling, casting, and talent directing. With an extensive background of 13 years as talent on countless sets, I offer unique insights into the dynamics of on-screen performances. Additionally, my experience as a marketing director contributes to a multifaceted perspective on production, providing valuable insights into different aspects of the creative process. This dual expertise enhances my ability to create compelling and effective content while maintaining a strategic and holistic approach.









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